AITA for Walking Out of A Restaurant on My GF?

Feeling like YATA for Check out our quick advice if you really are or not. But before that, let's read first a similar story to reflect on from Warren.

It was a Friday night, and my girlfriend, Emily, and I decided to try a new restaurant in town. We had been together for over a year and usually had a great time together.

We both enjoyed trying new foods and exploring different places, so this seemed a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

The Choice of the Restaurant

Emily had heard about this trendy new restaurant that had recently opened. It was known for its unique fusion cuisine, blending flavors from various cultures in unexpected ways.

We were both excited about the prospect of a culinary adventure, and the positive online reviews only fueled our anticipation.

The Arrival

As we entered the restaurant, the atmosphere was vibrant, with a lively hum of conversations and the clinking of cutlery. The decor was eclectic, and the menu was a mix of familiar and exotic dishes.

We were seated at a cozy corner table, and the waiter handed us the menus.

The Unraveling

As we perused the menu, I couldn’t help but notice that the service was a bit slow. It took a while for the waiter to take our drink orders and even longer for the drinks to arrive.

Emily was visibly getting restless, tapping her fingers on the table.

The Menu Dilemma

Once the drinks arrived, we delved into the menu. The problem arose when we couldn’t agree on what to order. Emily, being a vegetarian, was limited in her choices, and I, a carnivore at heart, was eyeing the meat-heavy options.

We went back and forth, suggesting dishes and vetoing each other’s choices.

Growing Tension

The longer it took us to decide, the more tense the atmosphere became. Other diners seemed to enjoy their meals thoroughly. But at our table, the excitement that had characterized the beginning of the evening slowly turned into frustration.

The Breaking Point

Our inability to settle on a meal choice escalated into a heated exchange. Emily accused me of not considering her dietary restrictions, while I argued that I wanted to try something other than a salad for once.

The argument intensified, and it became clear that we were at an impasse.

The Decision

Frustrated and perhaps fueled by pride, I made a snap decision. I got up from the table, tossed my napkin onto the plate, and announced that I was leaving. I didn’t wait for Emily’s reaction; I just headed for the exit.


As I stood outside the restaurant, the reality of what I had just done hit me. I left my girlfriend alone in a restaurant without a way to get home. It was a drastic move, and I couldn’t help but question whether it was justified or if I had overreacted.

What Led to This?

Reflecting on the situation, I realized that the slow service, coupled with our menu disagreement, created a perfect storm of frustration. Instead of trying to find a compromise or communicate better, I chose to walk away.

The AITA Question

Now, with the events replaying in my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder: Am I the asshole in this situation? Did I handle the disagreement immaturely and selfishly, leaving Emily stranded in a restaurant?

Conclusion (or Lack Thereof)

So here I am, contemplating my actions and questioning whether I crossed a line. That night that started with anticipation and excitement now hangs in the balance, and the unanswered AITA question lingers in the air.

Is it possible that my frustration got the best of me, or was this a justified response to a situation that had spiraled out of control? I’m left pondering the complexity of relationships and the choices we make in the heat of the moment.

What do you think? Am I the asshole?

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