AITA for Telling My Daughter I Don’t Owe Her Anything?

Feeling like YATA for Check out our quick advice if you really are or not. But before that, let's read first a similar story to reflect on from Bettina.

It all began with a quiet Sunday evening, the air filled with tension that seemed to thicken with every passing minute. My daughter, Connie, and I had always maintained a close relationship, or at least, that’s what I thought.

But as time unfolded, it became evident that our bond was being strained by a complex web of expectations and entitlement.

The Unspoken Expectations

Over the years, I had provided Connie with what I believed to be a comfortable life. A good education, a roof over her head, and the occasional indulgence in material pleasures. However, as she stepped into adulthood, a subtle shift occurred.

The unspoken expectations started to pile up, forming a cloud of entitlement that lingered between us.

I had worked hard to provide for my family, often sacrificing personal aspirations for their well-being. It was a point of pride for me, and I assumed my efforts were appreciated.

Little did I know that beneath the surface, Connie was harboring a sense of entitlement, a belief that I owed her more than just the basics of a comfortable life.

The Breaking Point

One fateful evening, the tension broke as we sat in the dimly lit living room. With a furrowed brow and a tone that carried a mix of frustration and expectation, Connie confronted me about my financial responsibilities towards her.

The Confrontation

“Mom,” she began, her eyes fixed on mine, “I think it’s time you contribute more to my future. I have dreams and need your financial support to achieve them.”

I listened, my heart sinking with each word. The weight of her expectations bore down on me, and I felt the need to address the growing sense of entitlement that had seeped into our relationship.

In response to her plea, I took a deep breath and chose to be honest, perhaps brutally so.

The Revelation

“Sweety,” I began, my voice steady but tinged with regret, “I’ve done my best to provide you with everything you need. But I don’t owe you anything beyond that. Your dreams are yours to chase, and while I’ll support you emotionally, I can’t shoulder the entire burden.”

The Fallout

The revelation hung in the air, a heavy truth that neither of us had anticipated. What followed was a storm of emotions – anger, disappointment, and a palpable sense of betrayal.

Anger and Disappointment

Connie’s eyes welled up with tears as she struggled to comprehend the stark reality I had laid bare. Our unspoken agreement had shattered, leaving a trail of resentment.

A Fractured Relationship

Our once-close relationship now stood at a crossroads, fractured by expectations and reality. The foundation of trust we had built over the years seemed to crumble beneath the weight of unmet desires.


As the days passed, I found myself reflecting on the confrontation. Was I justified in my stance, or had I been too harsh? The question lingered, a haunting doubt that refused to be silenced.


From my perspective, I had fulfilled my responsibilities as a parent. I had provided a stable environment, love, and the tools for her to build her own future. The notion that I owed her financial support beyond that seemed unreasonable.


Yet, self-reflection made me question whether my communication had been too blunt. Could I have conveyed my perspective with more empathy without causing irreparable damage to our relationship?

The Aftermath

As the days turned into weeks, the aftermath of that evening continued to cast a shadow over our interactions. A cautious distance had replaced the once-familiar ease between us, a reminder of the unspoken tensions that now defined our relationship.

A Changed Dynamic

Our dynamic had shifted, and while I believed I didn’t owe her anything beyond what I had already provided, the emotional toll on both of us was undeniable.

Unanswered Questions

Unanswered questions hung in the air—had I made the right choice in asserting my boundaries, or had I jeopardized a relationship that meant the world to me?

The Lingering Question

And so, as I grappled with the aftermath of that fateful evening, a lingering question echoed in my mind: Am I the asshole for telling my daughter I don’t owe her anything?

The answer remained elusive, buried beneath the complexities of parental expectations and the blurred lines between love and tough love.

What do you think? Am I the asshole, or was I justified in my stance?

Our Advice to Bettina

In navigating the aftermath of the strained conversation with your daughter, consider reflecting on how you communicated your perspective. Strive for a balance between honesty and empathy, emphasizing your unwavering emotional support.

Revisit the expectations built up over the years and openly communicate your expectations and hers.

Seeking professional guidance through family counseling can provide a neutral space to navigate the complexities of your relationship. Foster a new understanding by investing time in activities that rebuild the emotional bond, free from the weight of expectations.

While maintaining your stance on financial support, discuss alternative ways to empower her to pursue her goals independently.

Lastly, continue the conversation with your daughter, maintaining an ongoing, open dialogue that allows both perspectives to be heard and respected. Remember, it’s a journey—be patient and nurture the love that forms the foundation of your relationship.

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