AITA for Not Letting My Daughter Live with Me?

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I never thought I’d be in this situation, asking myself if I’m the asshole for not allowing my own daughter to live with me. It’s a complex, emotional, and challenging predicament that’s torn our family apart, leaving me to wonder if my actions were justified.

A Broken Marriage

My journey into this moral dilemma began years ago when my wife and I decided to end our marriage. It was a difficult decision, but our differences were irreconcilable. Our daughter, Emily, was just five years old at the time. We agreed on joint custody, with Emily spending equal time at both our homes.

Differences in Lifestyle

Over the years, our lives diverged significantly. I focused on my career, trying to provide the best possible life for Emily, while her mother, Rachel, took a different path. She struggled with various personal issues, often moving from one unstable situation to another. It was clear that our lifestyles were drastically different, but I didn’t want to limit Emily’s relationship with her mother.

Red Flags

When Emily turned thirteen, things took a darker turn. I started noticing changes in her behavior after returning from her mother’s place. She became more withdrawn, her grades suffered, and she was secretive about her activities. It raised a red flag for me, as I knew something wasn’t right.

The Ultimatum

After several months of speculation, I confronted Rachel. I discovered that she had been engaging in substance abuse and had fallen in with a rough crowd. Emily’s well-being was at stake, and I couldn’t stand by and watch her spiral into a dangerous lifestyle. I gave Rachel an ultimatum: either get her act together or risk losing custody.

The Decision

As much as I wanted to see Rachel overcome her problems, I couldn’t allow my daughter’s life to be ruined in the process. I decided to file for primary custody of Emily, believing it was in her best interest. Rachel fought back, vehemently disagreeing with my decision. The battle for custody was fierce, and it took a significant toll on all of us.

The Impact

Emily, caught in the middle of this legal turmoil, was emotionally torn. She loved her mother deeply, but her mother’s issues were undeniable. The court process was heart-wrenching, with lawyers and psychologists involved.

Ultimately, the court ruled in my favor, granting me primary custody with supervised visits for Rachel.

The Fallout

The fallout from the court’s decision was devastating. Rachel, resentful and hurt, blamed me for “taking her child away.” Our relationship strained to the point of almost non-existence. Emily, struggling to adjust to the new living arrangement, was angry with me for what she perceived as tearing her away from her mother.


My Perspective

Looking back, I believed I had made the right decision for Emily. Her safety and well-being were my top priorities. I couldn’t allow her to be exposed to a dangerous and unstable environment.

But I can’t help but wonder if I was too harsh, if I should have tried harder to help Rachel, or if I should have allowed Emily to make her own choices, despite her age.

Emily’s Perspective

I also wonder if I considered Emily’s feelings enough in this process. Did I prioritize her happiness and emotional health? After all, the ultimate decision affected her the most. While she is thriving academically and personally in her new environment, I worry about the potential long-term emotional scars.

Rachel’s Perspective

Rachel’s perspective, too, gnaws at me. She was Emily’s mother, and despite her struggles, she deserved the opportunity to rebuild her life. Could I have been more supportive rather than confrontational?


In the end, I’m left grappling with my actions and their consequences. AITA for not letting my daughter live with me? Was my decision justified in the name of Emily’s well-being, or did I overstep my boundaries as a father?

It’s a question that continues to haunt me, one without a clear-cut answer.

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