AITA for Leaving My Wife Alone at Disneyland?

Feeling like YATA for Check out our quick advice if you really are or not. But before that, let's read first a similar story to reflect on from Thomas.

My wife, Sarah, and I had been planning a trip to Disneyland for months. It was supposed to be a magical experience, filled with laughter and joy. We’d both been so excited about it, and we’d saved up a significant amount of money to make it a truly memorable vacation.

Our relationship had its ups and downs, but we were determined to rekindle our connection during this trip.

The Build-Up

The day finally arrived, and we set off for Disneyland with our tickets, matching Mickey Mouse ears, and a detailed itinerary. We both had our favorite rides and attractions we wanted to visit, so we planned to ensure that we experienced everything we wanted.

It was a perfect sunny day, and the atmosphere was magical as we entered the park.

The First Hours

As we entered Disneyland, our excitement was palpable. We went on the teacup ride, It’s a Small World, and the Pirates of the Caribbean together, holding hands and sharing the joy.

But the first sign of trouble emerged when we stood in line for the Haunted Mansion. Sarah, who was prone to motion sickness, began to look a bit queasy.

She told me she’d prefer to skip this ride and go find a bench to rest on.

I agreed, though I was slightly disappointed. We agreed to meet at a designated bench near the ride’s exit afterward. I got in line, eager to enjoy the spooky adventure, and she headed off towards the bench.

A Change in Plans

The Haunted Mansion ride was more exhilarating than I’d anticipated. I lost track of time and didn’t realize how long I’d been on the ride. When I finally exited, I checked my phone to see if Sarah had texted me.

To my surprise, there was a missed call and a series of texts from her.

  • Text 1: “Hey, the bench is boring. I’m thinking of checking out the shops. Where are you?”
  • Text 2: “No response? I’ll explore Tomorrowland, maybe you’ll catch up with me.”
  • Text 3: “It’s getting late. I might go to the Magic Kingdom side. Hope you’re having fun.”

Panic set in. I couldn’t believe I’d lost track of time, and now Sarah was nowhere to be found. I tried calling her, but her phone was on silent, and I knew it was in her bag, which was probably in a locker.

The Search Begins

I rushed to the designated bench, but Sarah wasn’t there. I tried retracing her steps, checking the shops, and asking nearby Disney employees if they’d seen her. I was getting more and more worried as time went on.

Disneyland was huge, and Sarah didn’t know the park as well as I did.

After an hour of searching, I finally received a text from Sarah.

  • Text 4: “I’m in Magic Kingdom now. Going on the Space Mountain ride. Where are you?”

I was relieved to hear from her, but also a bit annoyed that she’d gone to the other park without waiting for me. I had no choice but to find my way to Magic Kingdom.

A Frantic Reunion

Navigating from Disneyland to Magic Kingdom was no easy feat, but I finally made it. I found Sarah in line for Space Mountain, looking a mix of frustrated and excited. She asked me why I’d taken so long, and I tried to explain that I’d lost track of time on the Haunted Mansion ride.

She seemed a bit upset but brushed it off, saying, “It’s okay; we’re here now.”

We continued to enjoy the rest of the day, going on rides and sharing meals. But I could sense a shift in her demeanor. She wasn’t as talkative as before, and there was a certain distance between us.


As the day drew to a close, I couldn’t help but think about the earlier incident. Had I been inconsiderate for going on the Haunted Mansion ride while Sarah was alone at Disneyland?

I knew she could have texted me, but I also understood that she might not have wanted to disturb me on the ride.

In retrospect, I wonder if I was the asshole for not being more attentive to her needs and for not being more aware of the time. Disneyland is a place for making cherished memories, and I had allowed a lapse in judgment to affect our day.

Was it my responsibility to ensure her comfort and safety at all times in this magical kingdom? Or was it a simple misunderstanding and, therefore, not entirely my fault?

The day ended with a beautiful fireworks display over the Cinderella Castle. We watched it together, but it felt bittersweet. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d let down the person I cared about most in the most magical place on Earth.

In the end, it’s a question I’ll leave to others to decide. Am I the asshole for leaving my wife alone at Disneyland?

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